Aprons for Everyone!

It was a little less than a year ago that I introduced my first apron design, and I'm delighted to introduce these new, updated versions of my old favorites.  I've taken my no-ties apron and updated it with grommets (I know, shocking!); it is also now available in both linen and canvas.  Both are equally comfortable and lovely.  You'll also notice a new photo of my linen half apron, which I'm renaming the linen cafe apron, and there's a new canvas version of it as well.  Truly, there are now aprons for everyone!



Anonymous,  6/5/09, 4:40 AM  

What beautiful and elegant aprons you make...
I love the back and those big pockets!

Jesse 6/5/09, 7:26 AM  

These are so lovely, I'd be tempted to wear them all day.

custom aprons 8/8/12, 7:54 AM  

This is a pretty apron, I wouldn't mind having one like that!

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