Wow! I really disappeared from this place without realizing it. Every year when the leaves begin to fall outside I have to fight the urge to go into hibernation until Spring. I suppose last week I gave into that urge all too often, only to find myself without any new photos or new projects to show you here.

I did wander outside one day to take photos of these flowers outside. The local nursery told me they are weeds, but I refuse to believe that someone planted 500 weeds in my backyard. From what I can tell, they are asters, though I'd love it if you have any insight.
I promise to be back tomorrow with something new. As usual, once I start working on something, I tend to work on many things, so I'm not quite sure what will get finished tonight. Do you work on one thing at a time, or does your focus wander a bit? I'd love to know...


formfireglassworks 10/22/08, 1:33 PM  

ink - I've been doing much the same thing! But I did get tagged this week, and now you're it!
See my tag here:

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