Sneak Peeking

Just sneaking in here on a busy day to show you a sneak preview of one of my holiday card designs. These definitely need some red envelopes and a bit of straightening up, but I do love the way they almost glisten.

By the way, I recently jumped on the twitter bandwagon, and I'd love for you to join me.

And, there's a really fantastic new website devoted to connecting artisan merchants with the people who love their products. The site is new, but is already brimming with many talented makers of all sorts of good things. So, if you love to shop or love to set up shop, you should definitely take a look at 1000 markets, and at my shop there!

Have a lovely weekend...


Jen 10/26/08, 8:54 PM  

Way to get the word out there! Best of luck to you!

Aunt Jane 10/26/08, 8:58 PM  

Hey,your blog has a lot of good information And picture and ideas!!!! Thanks!!

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