Let's Go Fly a Kite...

...up to the highest height.

Custom Kite Zip
Originally uploaded by inklore

Over the weekend I made this kite print for a custom order, and ever since I cannot stop humming that kite song from Mary Poppins. Does your family love Mary Poppins as much as our family does?

It also makes me think about the end of the movie when the father learns that spending time with his kids is more important than anything else. Yes, it really is. Did you hug those kiddos at your house tonight?


Anonymous,  8/4/08, 9:56 PM  

Hi, yes, we have Mary Poppins in our family's minds enough to break out in song together...and our pony's personality is "practically perfect in every way." She is funny. By the way, I really liked your design depicting the golden mean (aka golden rectangle, and associated with Fibonacci's numbers...please forgive my spelling but it has been years since I studied that beautiful proportion!) Jill Iversen

mandy,  8/5/08, 2:48 PM  

What a lovely association you have with the kite image. I often remind myself that I won't look back and wish I had had a cleaner house, or had worked more, or sewed that extra thing, or organized that closet, or baked that extra loaf. No, we'll all look back and wish there where more kite type moments.

Patricia 8/5/08, 5:13 PM  

My Little C loves Mary Poppins! Cute kite!

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