Custom Cats

Over the weekend, I had a request from someone to make kitchen towels with cats. "Sure," I said, even though I cannot remember a single time that I have drawn a cat. I must confess that after I had finished a few sketches, I "needed" to drop by my parents' house, where I asked my mother, who is a wonderful artist, to help me fix them up a bit. The one above didn't suit the kitchen towels, but I'm fond of him nonetheless.

This little sleepy cat seemed just right for the kitchen

The same person also requested a house design, which was daunting only because I love the work of Leanne Graeff. I decided to go with a much more simple, modern house, but I must admit that I really enjoyed drawing houses and may have to try something more complex.


Lisa 7/28/08, 8:39 PM  

wow - you went all out.
i love both designs! the cat is extra cute!

hrsj 7/29/08, 7:10 AM  

that is one of the happiest kitties i've ever seen! :) i think your projects turned out beautifully sam.

OrenjiSlices 7/29/08, 12:11 PM  

I love all those designs! I especially love the first cat! Well done! :)

design for mankind. 7/29/08, 1:57 PM  

Oh I love them each! :) Wowza!

Leanne Graeff 7/30/08, 9:49 AM  

Hi Sam - Thanks for the call -out!

It seems we are on the same page lately.

Really love your little modern gem. (And the kitty too).

diana 7/31/08, 4:00 AM  

I too love Leanne Graeff's houses. Her houses are just fantastic. Isn't drawing houses so much fun? I had a real run on designing dollhouses, sooo much fun! I still haven't got drawing houses out of my system yet. Happy house drawing.

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