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Pulled Poppy
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Hello there. I hope you're having a wonderful weekend. I've been a bit drowsy today, but I have managed to work on pulling some prints. There are so many color combinations, I'm tempted to do all my art prints in black and white...but I'll press on.

The texture of hand pulled block prints is really lovely up close. I'd love to know what you think...


Alysa Merle 7/27/08, 9:58 AM  

Great picture! Thanks for sharing it.

Jesse 7/27/08, 11:53 PM  

The strong lines and soft background texture are beautiful together!

OrenjiSlices 7/28/08, 9:47 AM  

I love that print! Very nice.

design for mankind. 7/28/08, 10:59 AM  

Sam--- This is adorable! :)

Lisa 7/28/08, 8:39 PM  

yes - i lOVE it.

The Lil Bee 8/4/08, 8:17 PM  

This is beautiful! So simple and I love the color combinations. Perfect...don't change a thing.

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