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I first saw the work of Angie, otherwise known as byrd & belle, on the front page of Etsy a few weeks ago and I was immediately drawn to her use of natural materials, beautiful detailing, and simple design. I also love that her shop is full of practical accessories, lovely things that make every day living more beautiful. Enjoy!

1. Why did you decide to open an online shop?
I think for designers that have a fairly specific point of view, selling online is the best opportunity to reach people that share their design sensibilities. Had I started by only selling in local shops, I think I may have felt pressured to design based on the inventory of the shop, the customer demographic and what was or wasn't selling. I've found that when I've tried to cater to a trend or with the goal of sales in mine, my work is far less successful and fun to do.

2. Who/what inspires you?
My background is in architecture and it definitely affects the way I think through objects; focusing on the construction and details. I grew up on a farm in Iowa surrounded by traditional craft but in my adult life, I tend to tilt toward a modern aesthetic. This duality seems to come together in my work as I favor traditional materials and techniques but tend to pare down my patters and designs to a simple, modern object.

Thanks Angie!


jess gonacha 8/25/09, 6:21 PM  

love love love love love. i just might have to own both a laptop sleeve AND an iPod case. thank you for introducing me to this shop!!

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