For the Love of Gingham

I've always loved the look of brown gingham, and it has had a place in my stash of fabrics for a long time.  When I was getting ready for the Renegade Craft fair last month, I was working on some Simplicity Totes and decided to make a few with a gingham lining.  I loved it so much that I had to keep one for myself.  

Then, there were some leftover bits of the heavy linen I use for the Simplicity Tote, which I wanted to use somehow, so I created this little button bag.  It is lined with a smaller brown gingham than the tote, and is the perfect size for make-up, lingerie, or toiletries.  My e-friend Maya of mayamade created some little bags similar to these a couple of weeks ago and uses them for first-aid supplies, which is also a brilliant idea.

Both the button bag and the new Simplicity tote are now available in my shop.  



Jesse 8/11/09, 11:45 AM  

Lovely! I'm experimenting with contrasting linings at the moment too; they create a completely different look to the bags.

ibb 8/12/09, 1:48 AM  

Hi Sam,
One thing, I don´t know if it is casual or not, but do you know that "lore" is flower in basque.
Ink-lore, will be ink-flower and you sign with a flower.

Diana 8/12/09, 5:48 AM  

I love gingham and line alot of my bags in it. It is timeless I think. I love the brown and the linen combo. nice work.

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