Spontaneous Creativity

One of the most exciting parts of getting ready for a craft fair for me was the moments of spontaneous creativity.  Because all the prints, inks, and materials were out at the same time, I did quite a lot of experimenting with new ideas.  Today I'm sharing my favorite result.

I took my simplicity tote in canvas and used a bit of charcoal ink and some of my favorite prints to create these bags.  This is a great bag; it's easy and comfortable to wear and is finished with french seams inside which makes it just a bit nicer than a typical canvas bag.

Do you have any great spontaneous creative moments to share?


Jesse 5/6/09, 11:48 AM  

They're all great, but the 'modelled' bag is my favourite!

Anonymous,  5/6/09, 12:22 PM  

Those moments of spontaneous creativity do seem to come in waves. I know what you mean about having all your inks and blocks out- it really opens up for experimentation. I have the same thing happen when I'm fiddling around in Adobe Illustrator. One design inevitably opens the flood gates to variations of the original or new design ideas.

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