Midweek Inspirations: Block Printers and Simple Nice

I remember so clearly the day that I was thumbing through one of my mother's magazines a few years ago and came across an article about Galbraith and Paul.  I loved their use of color and design, but what intrigued me most was their method: block printing.  Soon after, I bought my first linocut tools and started down the road that led to Inklore.

Once again, as I was browsing blogs this week, I ran across some studio pictures from Galbraith and Paul which have inspired me to overcome my fear of large scale prints this year.  The photos also show a bit of their process, and I will have to play with their method of printing as well, which is a bit different than mine.

I've also been inspired by the photography of one of my new flickr contacts, simple nice.  Her work is beautifully simple and was the inspiration for my resolution to work on my photography this year.  You can find her flickr stream here or visit her website here.


SleightGirl 1/7/09, 9:32 AM  

Wow! Judging from that picture, large scale prints would definitely scare me.

Greetingfriends 1/7/09, 11:02 AM  

The site is very clean and nice! How about an Etsy mini?

gina 1/7/09, 3:04 PM  

LOVE your picks!

Jesse 1/7/09, 10:51 PM  

Galbraith and Paul are one of my constant inspirations, and also one of the things that got me thinking about block printing!

Leililaloo 1/9/09, 2:18 AM  

I loooove the site and work of Galbraith and Paul. It's so enspiring to see they do it all by hand and it looks so fabolously flawless. I wish i could do that kind op printing.I love to print on fabric but the results are nowhere near the once from Galbraith and Paul. Maybe someday, when i am 80 years old. thanks for the feauture, i had never heard of them before.

Anonymous,  1/11/09, 8:00 AM  

Galbraith and Paul have amazing stuff! I'm working up the nerve to blockprint some larger pieces- I have two tablecloths sitting on my shelf waiting for me to take the plunge!

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