Midweek Inspirations: White Rooms and French Tunes

I don't remember now whether I started dreaming about white rooms and then started seeing them everywhere or whether it was the other way around, but I have become obsessed with adding white walls to my home.

photo via Remodelista
I think I'll start in the Master Bedroom, which is the darkest room in my home and could use a bit of brightening.  I have always been opposed to white walls, but I must admit, I think I was wrong.  

Also a new obsession is this new CD (thanks Sylvianne!) of lovely french music by Francis Carrel.  I find it especially relaxing; maybe it's because I have no idea what the words mean, but it has been in almost continual play in our house, our car, and on my computer.  I'm off now to have a bit of fun to welcome in the new year.  Happy New Year to you!


Mrs.French 12/31/08, 4:35 PM  

white consumes me...beautiful post...xo t

Michelle 1/1/09, 1:45 PM  

I love white when it is done right, and in a dark room I always think either embrace the dark and go very dark walls and bed and make it like a cave, sooo cool, or go white and sparse, very cool also. You have great ideas :P

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