Let them Make Gingerbread

It was over a week ago that I promised my tips for a stylish holiday with kids, and really I had good intentions, but my little shop has kept me a bit busy and so I have only one tip for you: Make your own gingerbread..from scratch. It just tastes so much better than the hard cardboard stuff that comes in those ready to make gingerbread house kits. Plus, the recipe I use made enough dough to cover our tree in gingerbread snowflakes, take cookies to a party, and burn the ones I didn't watch closely enough.

I use a recipe I found here, and I'd love to see your gingerbread creations if you decide to make your own.


diana 12/16/08, 4:46 AM  

I love this idea of putting biscuits on the tree. Pity we have such crazy humidity here. The biscuits go stale and soft in a day.

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