Seven Fun Things

I was recently tagged by both Amy at LittleAlouette and Amy at FormFireGlassworks to tell you seven interesting things about myself, but since I just revealed a few not too long ago, I decided to share seven fun things that happened this week.

1. I reached 900 hearts in my shop at Etsy.
2. I reached 100 sales in my shop too!
3. My yarrow pillow slip was featured on IndieParade.
4. My swingset onesie was mentioned on babymoon photography, whose author takes beautiful family portraits.
5. My little Inky sachet was way down at the bottom of this article on Etsy.
6. An interview I did quite a while ago is up on A Punkin Card Company.
7. I started working on my first wholesale order!!!

All in all, a really fun week. I hope you're week has been swell too!

P.S. The photo above is my latest listing in the shop, linen napkins with my umbrella leaf print. A lovely addition to any table.


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