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I've been tagged by the the maker of offthehookhats, but I just can't bring myself to tag anyone else. If you feel like playing along, then consider yourself tagged. Here goes...

Random things about me:
1. I was born in Iceland on a naval base, and I still don't have an official birth certificate.
2. I will only eat m&m's in matching sets of two.
3. Cake is not a special occasion food for me, unfortunate as that is for my hips.
4. I am 6' tall and despise shopping for pants.
5. I was a math and science major in college, and I love filling out spreadsheets. :)
6. My mom always told me I was creative, and I'm finally beginning to think she's right!

And in other news, the lovely Brittni of Paper and Stitch wrote up a nice little post about me today. Go visit her blog where there are always lots of great finds!


off the hook handcrafted accessories 9/5/08, 6:00 PM  

Love your answers! Thanks for playing along!

off the hook handcrafted accessories 9/5/08, 6:02 PM  

p.s. I love the grow with me. I voted for it on the etsy handmade kids contest!

The Lil Bee 9/5/08, 11:55 PM  

This was fantastic! Iceland? So neat!

LittleStory 9/6/08, 4:58 PM  

The only thing I didn't know was the two M&M thing. Now I know you're weird, but that makes you all the more wonderful. Keep being your Excel-loving, cake eating, art making self!

diana 9/7/08, 4:08 AM  

Iceland, wow that just makes you super cool in my books. My friend is 6'2" and finds it impossible to find shoes as her feet are size 11 she also has pant trouble. Me on the other hand am 5'1" so have the opposite and have to hem everything about 5 inches. We need a special pant store right now!!!

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