The Long and Short of It

In another attempt to change the world, as I've done with my apron without ties, I decided to create a multi-functional table runner. I thought it would be wonderful if the runner was reversible and adjustable, so that it could be used on your table no matter how long you need it to be.

This time, however, I just couldn't save the world, and so I will have to be happy with a table runner that is only reversible.

Still, it did turn out quite nicely. I used natural linen for the top, which I block printed with hydrangea blooms, and lined it with a lovely green.

I will be offering table runners in custom sizes in my shop, so while I may not save everyone, I can at least save your next dinner party.


hrsj 9/3/08, 7:25 PM  

hey, you never know, a table runner that is reversible could save someone's world someday!

Lisa 9/3/08, 7:52 PM  

super cute. love the colors! if only i had dinner parties. i should get on that.

Leililaloo 9/7/08, 1:43 PM  

You have a gorgeous blog & i love this table runner...
I am glad i found your blog, all because you were on the frontpage of Etsy today, (for the first time you said).

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