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Another Season by smalltownartist
Kristen Williams of paintings galore admires Patricia B. of small town artist. Kristen said, "I just discovered this great artist! Beautiful watercolors!" I'm inclined to agree. Patricia's work is quite lovely.
If there is an artist you admire, let me know!


Kylie B 8/27/08, 3:45 PM  

Oh wow yes amazing!
Love your Etsy shop too!

kim* 8/27/08, 4:11 PM  

beautiful tree.

BeanPickleSprout 8/27/08, 5:09 PM  

Beautiful! I gave her a heart, I am always looking for awesome art to snatch up and hang on my walls. I absolutely LOVE SagittariusGallery on should check her out too :)

LittleStory 8/28/08, 6:47 PM  

Nice find. I have a favorite for you to take a peek at. Lauren Nassef is a Chicago based artist who has a great "Drawing a Day" series
as well as a little spot on Etsy
How does she do it? I love it all.

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