A Winner!

I'm back....with new pictures (wink). Really, I'm overwhelmed by all of your responses to my new shop. I am so thankful for all the great feedback. I've enlisted my husband to help me take some new photos, which has been a fun project for both of us. We're working on another collaboration too which I'm hoping to finish this week.

So, who is the lucky winner of this lovely tea towel? I used a random number generator, which came up with number 27, Andrea! Email me your address and I will run off to the post office. Thanks again for all your comments, and please let me know if you'd like to be on my mailing list so that you can find out about new products!

Have a Lovely Day.


Joanne Kennedy 7/8/08, 6:50 PM  

Congrats to the winner. I'm sure she will be thrilled to get this in the mail.

I'm having a giveaway too. I've joined in the CHRISTMAS IN JULY Giveaway. I have not shown a photo of the giveaway yet but you can still sign up if you like.


hrsj 7/9/08, 1:18 PM  

oh how fun! hooray for andrea!

would you like to email me your image & shop info for the artists links community?

diana 7/10/08, 3:21 AM  

That orange print is great. So summery. That messenger bag that was sold in your shop was beautiful. Congrats to the winner, lucky you!

Coopler 7/10/08, 5:41 PM  

congratulations to the winner,
your shop is lovely.

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