A Giveaway!

Whew! There are things listed in my etsy shop...that I made...yay! To celebrate, I'm having a little giveaway, starting today and ending on Tuesday at noon. I'm giving the lucky winner one of my oranges block printed tea towels. To enter, all you have to do is visit my little shop and then come back here and leave me a comment to let me know what you thought. That's it! Easy Peasy :)

I hope you win! Have a great weekend. I'll be back on Tuesday to announce the winner.


Julie Alvarez 7/3/08, 11:37 AM  

Hi! I was following your blockprints a while ago, and I love them, but I don't really understand how you do them! That's fine though, because it's even more misterious.
I love love love these towels, specially with the oranges. I hope I win..!
I loved your etsy shop. Particularly the towels, and the Yarrow Cork Coaster Set.

hrsj 7/3/08, 12:14 PM  

And I think the Inky Stinky sachets are great! And I really like your poppy zip bag, it's so pretty.
You've done a lot of work to get your shop ready and it looks really good. really good! I hope you're proud of yourself because we are proud of you!

design for mankind. 7/3/08, 1:26 PM  

Oooooooh I want to win! Pick me! :)

Also, I want to know if I can get a little peanut onesie for my nephew; he'd need something more like a 4-6 months size. Any chance you can make one? :)

Congrats again on your shop--- I'm so proud of you, Sam! :)

noricum 7/3/08, 1:48 PM  


Things I noticed:

Your photos are a little dark... the white background in the photos are quite gray compared to the etsy backgroud.

The sentence "Visit me at inklore.blogspot.com to see the new things I am working on and visit my profile for more information." could use a comma before the "and".

Good luck! I'll post your contest on my blog. :)

Jesse 7/4/08, 1:33 AM  

Well done! I like the little bags on pegs - it's cute, and a clever way to show scale quickly.

I hope you have tons of sales!

I agree that the photos are a bit dark - I used this tutorial http://www.sparkplugging.com/craft-boom/how-to-take-and-edit-professional-photos-of-your-craft-products/
to learn how to lighten and brighten mine.

Heather 7/4/08, 6:55 AM  

I love the Peanut design. I have some friends who are pregnant and will be back to buy some once the shower invites start rolling in! good luck with the shop!

Anonymous,  7/4/08, 10:08 AM  

i think the onesie with the swing set is super cute!


Kimberly 7/6/08, 12:42 PM  

I love the Little Peanut Cotton Onesie, just adorable

Leanne Graeff 7/6/08, 2:47 PM  

HI Sam - It all looks good, so happy you have made the plunge.

I think noricum is right that the pics are a bit dark in the shop. Your things are so cute - and you can't see them well enough - a little close up too would be great too!

retroppo 7/6/08, 4:53 PM  

Great shop. You have very unique & appealing products to sell which have the ability to expand into any medium! I'd love the tea towel as orange is my fave colour & it would look sensational in my multi-coloured kitchen & as you can see it would team with my cookie jar!
Thanks for giving me the opportunity & goodluck with your shop, Michelle (retroppo) x

Ginger 7/6/08, 5:05 PM  

Love the poppy designs! The zip is so cute. Great eye for design! It's so hard to get photos to do your work justice. Maybe take them outside to get nice bright shots to really showcase your pieces! Congrats on the new shop!

Paola 7/6/08, 5:32 PM  

Hi Sam,

I want to wish you good luck with your new shop. I was just there but I guess you've sold most of your inventory because there are only 3 items sold. I hope you made lots of stuff for your shop while on vacation.

I thought the pictures were a bit dark but then again, that could be my monitor...not sure.

The towel with the orange. It is great specially since orange is one of my favorite colors!...I sure hope I win such a great item =)

Best wishes

Metallyptica 7/6/08, 5:46 PM  

Hi!! I just went to check your store!! Lovely!! I've done (and sold) in the past stamped cork coasters as well! They always look great and sell well!! Wish you luck with that!! :)

I love the poppies design!!

The photos could have a little more light tough...

I hope I can win!! I'd love to have a towel from you!! I've been checking your work for a while already!!

GreenWorks 7/6/08, 6:05 PM  

Hi - some really nice stuff there.

But the photos are very dark and not showing the products off to their best. Picasso is a prog I downloaded and you can brighten photo's on it.

Also I'd suggest taking more closeups to really show the designs off.

Last suggestion is make sure you use as many of the tags as you can - including the colors.

Good going though ... good luck :)

Georgia and David 7/6/08, 7:13 PM  

Congrats! Definitely lighten up the photos a bit--you can make your own home-made light box/tent that makes your products look like a professional photographed them. Put a white poster-board inside a plastic bin and clip several lamps on the bin, shining the light through the bin and poster. Google it and you should find a photo to illustrate. GL!

Fritzie 7/6/08, 7:52 PM  

I've just gone to your "little shop"... Your works are nice, but just a little to far to see the details.. needs a little close-ups..
I hope to suggest some things for improvement.
Put a little more creativity in the presentations, lighting and backgroud designs, so as to attract more on-lookers and would be buyers...and be specific in introducing designs and colors of your products..

Good Luck!!

Anonymous,  7/6/08, 8:03 PM  

I love the variety in your shop and the poppy coasters are so so pretty!

quitecontrary1977 7/6/08, 8:06 PM  

i love your store. the poppy zip is adorable. i'm going to go blog you right now! http://www.nowenteringmomville.blogspot.com

narchi 7/6/08, 8:31 PM  

I'm sure you're tired of hearing the comment about your photos being dark but I only want to mention it because it would show off your great items.

I'll be keeping an eye on shop for gifts in the future!

Anonymous,  7/6/08, 8:34 PM  

I like the Inky Stinky Sachet


Lilia 7/6/08, 8:47 PM  

Hi! I think your pictures are a little dark and don't do justice to the vibrant colors of your stamps...other than that, I think your design is clean and lovely!
Congrats and have a great success!

Sam 7/6/08, 8:50 PM  

Hi all...Just popping in to say...wow, thank you all for taking the time to visit my shop. I really do appreciate it. AND, I went through and lightened up the photos I already have, and will be working on taking more soon; Thanks for all the great feedback!

Paper Girl Productions 7/6/08, 9:20 PM  

Little Peanut is soo swet!

rachel 7/6/08, 9:40 PM  

The little peanut onesie is so cute. I can't wait til my little peanut comes into the world

NotYetTheDodo 7/7/08, 12:07 AM  

Hello there - songratulations on your shop, it looks beautiful! And I absolutely love the oranges - let the lady luck pick me! Thanks for making a giveaway! :-)

Anart Island Studio 7/7/08, 2:11 AM  

Looks pretty cool!!! Like your designs...;-) Good luck with selling your work in your shop!

Andrea 7/7/08, 4:14 AM  

love the oranges on the towel, and the onesies are super cute! are you going to put your poppy design on towels too?
congrats on your shop!best of luck!

SallyF 7/7/08, 4:17 AM  

ooh your prints are lovely, great colour choice and bold imagery with unclucttered backgrounds; just what I like. I would say too though, that your images seem a little dark, perhaps they would zing out even more if you could lift the exposure? That way they'll jump out on screen even more on etsy and every little bit of help standing out from the crowd is good on there!

the boogie bee 7/7/08, 6:29 AM  

Hi! Love your shop and added it as one of my favorites. I really love the swingset onesie! Best of luck to you and I hope you get lots of sales...your stuff is great :)

Lisa Sharp 7/7/08, 8:38 AM  

Looks great, I love the way you did the pictures of the items on the cloths line! Great job. :)

Robin 7/7/08, 9:17 AM  

I like the swingset onsie :)

Ruth 7/7/08, 10:07 AM  

Cute stuff! I hope your shop takes off and you sell a bunch of stuff. I love the towels. Let me know if you ever make any in red--perhaps cherries.

Joanne Kennedy 7/7/08, 1:00 PM  

You made that! How cute! I would love to be entered in your giveaway.

I'm going to put a link on my blog for you.

Kyla Nicole 7/7/08, 1:18 PM  

SQEEEEE! I was so hoping you would offer up that leafy zippered pouch for sale! =] Everything looks great; I'll definitely be back for some shopping after our vacation ^_^

Casey 7/7/08, 1:41 PM  

I'd love to win! I like your shop, I added a couple things to my favorites since I'm not really supposed to be buying anything right now :)

Mrs. fadingflower 7/7/08, 3:21 PM  

Your little shop is oh so adorable and I wish you best of luck in selling your items.

Dana 7/7/08, 5:22 PM  

what a great shop!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!

JennTRC 7/7/08, 5:23 PM  

love your coasters!
Such beautiful block prints! :)

Good luck with your shop.

fated follies studio 7/7/08, 5:52 PM  

your etsy is so organic, i love it! i like the umbrella tea zip coin purse.


cloth.paper.string 7/7/08, 10:07 PM  

yay for the shop!! the umbrella plant and poppy zips are great -- i love those prints. and orange tea towel... so very good. i especially love how the oranges overlap just a bit.

Muriel 7/8/08, 12:10 AM  

You have a nice shop! I also love printing on fabric. You did a great job.

Anonymous,  7/8/08, 5:35 AM  

The inky stinky sachets are cute.
Your shop looks very cute but may I suggest everso nicely that you make more pink things?
You are very talented and I am sure your shoppe will do well! Lovely little tea towel.

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