Two Bags and A Bench

I made a few bags today for my etsy shop which I'm planning on opening in about a week! It's going to be hard to sell some of these things because I love them so much, which I suppose is a good sign.

I made this messenger bag using an antique button for the closure. Would it be wrong to carry it for a few days and then sell it? Just kidding.

And then, my very sweet husband made me this fab potting bench, using materials we had lying about. Really! He's so handy to have around. We're leaving in a couple of days to celebrate our 12th Anniversary, so I'll be back later next week.
Happy Anniversary Honey:)


Jannie Sue "Funster" 6/21/08, 9:06 PM  

That is a nice potting bench, a must for avid gardeners, really.

a Jannie, passing through

Leanne Graeff 6/23/08, 6:23 AM  

I see you are getting all of your things ready for an opening? Looks nice - and funny how your bag photos look like your bench - just put a lovely potted plant on the shelf. Same colorations.

Very nice - and natural looking.

hrsj 6/23/08, 6:23 AM  

make a bag for yourself! I know how you feel about wanting to keep things you make. So now, I keep one piece from each series I do.

Have a wonderful anniversary trip!

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