Midweek Inspirations: Daisy Janie

Jan is the workaholic designer behind Daisy Janie fabrics.  I've had the great pleasure of working with her as a guest blogger on her blog Scoutie Girl for the past several months, and Jan is warm, talented, detailed, and funny.  She recently handed over the control of Scoutie Girl to someone else so that she can focus on her fabric line.  Jan's work is an inspiration not only because it is beautiful, but because she obviously loves her work and that passion shows in her designs.  Enjoy!



daisy janie 7/22/09, 8:19 AM  

Thank you for this very sweet shout out Sam! (I was voted "funniest girl" in my 9th grade class.....why not "most likely to succeed," I wonder?!)

Birdcage Cards 7/22/09, 8:21 AM  

Gorgeous prints! They kind of remind me of folk art :)

Chakra Pennywhistle 7/22/09, 8:44 AM  

You said it :) Her passion is so very evident in her work. Wonderful post!

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