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Before I opened my own shop, when I used to lurk around other blogs and flickr streams, I found the work of Heather Smith Jones.  Her paintings, pinhole series, and photography captured my imagination, and it was such a pleasant surprise to find that she is just as genuine as her work.  It's a pleasure to share her work and words with you.  Enjoy!

1.  Why did you decide to open an online shop?
My friends inspired me in conversations we were having and I thought to myself, "Hey, I am making work I think would be appropriate, I want to set up my own shop too!".  Literally within two days it was live.  Sometimes going with your gut instinct is a good thing.

2.  Who/what inspires you?
I am inspired largely by friends and ideas we share with each other.  In terms of art, I am always drawn to works on paper whether they be drawings, collage or print.  I also find fiber arts to be very interesting.  Right now I am visiting the UPPERCASE magazine: scrapbook and Art on Paper is a favorite magazine in print of mine.  And when I need to step away from the studio for a few hours I enjoy working in my garden or making a loaf of bread.  Sometimes for me, doing something else creative generates new ideas.
                                                                              Thanks Heather!
PS - I love the preview of UPPERCASE magazine's second issue: see it here.


paperhill 7/27/09, 7:51 AM  

lovely feature sam! i love hearing about other creative people! hope all is well :)

stephanie levy 7/27/09, 9:05 AM  

Heather's work is beautiful and yes, she is so friendly and genuine :) I'm glad I met her online too!

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