Midweek Inspirations: Fog Linen Work

This week I'm working on taking some new photos of my line of products for my first catalog, and as I do, I'm looking to my favorite shops for inspiration.  I adore fog linen work for both the simplicity of their products, and their fantastic photography.  I could spend quite a while just looking at their site.  Don't say I didn't warn you!



ellie 5/27/09, 11:54 PM  

Oh, I agree. I love their site. So still and silent and full of real life.
Can't wait to see what yours turns out like. Your photos are beautiful, and the feeling in them is just right.

ibb 5/28/09, 12:35 AM  

The photos for your catalog are beautiful. Just seing them you can feel calm, full of light. Good job.

Just my first comment here.

Love your work.


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