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"Playful exploration and serious collaboration - a mischievous marriage of materials, creativity, design, and craftsmanship."  As soon as I saw the work of Victoria and Andy, I fell for their quirky yet elegant take on display.

1.  Why did you decide to open an online shop?
I found it very exciting to put our work in an online shop because it is a little bit like putting a message in a bottle and setting it free on an ocean; we wonder who will discover it.  Finding Etsy was very important to the decision of starting the shop.  It is a beautifully designed website offering international visibility, an incredibly supportive community, and helpful resources so that we can learn as we go.

2.   Who/what inspires you?
We are inspired by those things which conjure up a world that is creative, eccentric, eclectic, and beautiful.  These are a few examples:  the Art Nouveau period in Europe which includes Antonio Gaudi's architecture, the mid-century modern aesthetic, the fabulousness of Hollywood clothing and set design in movies from the 1920's through the 1960's, Federico Fellini films, Frank Gehry's architecture, Jean Cocteau, fashion designer Vivienne Westwood, poet Leonard Cohen, music by Magnetic Fields, on and on it goes.....

I can't quite end a statement like this without mentioning that in spite of a world of mass production, we can still be inspired by quality and artisanship;  Time and skill invested because whatever the project, the result is to be treasured and enjoyed for years and even generations.  We hope to contribute to a more thoughtful and less disposable culture.

             Thanks Andy and Victoria!


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