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Welcome to Jon and Sarah, the duo behind Spooner Gregory.  Together they create amazing, original, relief prints, wood engravings, letterpress stationary and handmade books.  I am, of course, particularly fond of their block prints.

1.  Why did you decide to open an online store?

We began printmaking together in 2005, but it wasn't until September 2007 that we set up an Etsy shop.  Before then, we'd given most of our editions away to friends and family.  With their encouragement we decided to start selling our work online.  Having an online shop has been such a great way for us to showcase our work to a wide audience, and to make new friends amongst the online printmaking and handmade community.

2.  Who/what inspires you?

We are constantly inspired be the English landscape that surrounds our home.  We live in Norfolk, in the east of England, which has a diverse landscape ranging from the coast to little fields with high hedgerows around hidden medieval churches.  We try and get out for a long walk in the country every weekend, armed with sketchbooks and a thermos flask of tea.

Everyday objects, patterns and coulours also often feature in our work - simple things like teacups, the shapes of a vintage camera, or faded painted signs on the sides of houses often catch our eye and end up as a print.

                   Thanks Sarah and Jon!


Sarah and Jon 4/20/09, 9:58 AM  

Thanks Sam! Love the new Yarrow tea towel too :)

jana 5/7/09, 8:49 AM  

What a great idea Sam, I love these features. It puts so much color into the people behind the post :)

love this

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