Dig in the Dirt


This weekend I spent some time digging in the dirt where my vegetable patch is.  I can almost taste the fresh beans and summer tomatoes.  


Clementine 3/30/09, 6:33 AM  

I love your raised bed!
I'm so jealous--we're still weeks away from being able to start any planting.

Clementine 3/30/09, 6:34 AM  

Oh, great, I hit "publish comment" and look out the window to see.....it's snowing!!! argh

knotaway 3/30/09, 9:44 AM  

Love the garden! I've only gotten salad stuff out in pots right now, though the bigger garden has been broken twice. Can't wait to get my squash, okra, cucumbers and beans started. Just need things to dry up a little. Won't do any good to get the tractor stuck! :D

Amy 3/31/09, 7:37 AM  

It looks wonderful! I'm envious--we don't have enough sun in our yard for a garden. I'm limited to containers--gotta move them around to get enough rays!

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