Hi there!

Hi there!  Over the weekend, my sweet husband took my photo and I thought I'd finally say hello to all of you who stop by here to see what I'm up to.  So, hello :)

I'm also popping in to say thank-you for all your comments on my giveaway.  One of my business goals this year is to contact more shops about carrying my wholesale line, and you've given me some great places to start.  The lucky winner of the giveaway is Joanna (knotaway) in Mississippi.  Congratulations!  I'll contact you for your address today.


daisy janie : scoutie girl 2/9/09, 6:53 PM  

Hi Sam! Nice to see you!! Hope your wholesaling yields good, good things!!

Diana 2/10/09, 1:58 PM  

Hi Sam,
Good luck with the wholesaling. I've just gone down this path - exciting times. The cushion looks fab. I also love the mathematical spacing aspect of design.

Jesse 2/11/09, 3:16 AM  

Nice to see you! Nice photo, too :)

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