Hugs and Kisses

If you are one of the people, like me, who keeps a bag of frozen peas to use on bumps and bruises, then you are going to love what I have come up with! This is a reusable freezer bag. The muslin insert is filled with buckwheat, scented with peppermint oil, and is great right out of the freezer for bumps, sprains, headaches, and maybe even to cool off when it's hot. I printed the linen case with hugs and kisses, because sometimes the real thing just isn't enough. Now we can all eat our peas! My kids are so excited...

PS. My good friend is a finalist in the Indie Fixx 2nd Anniversary Craft Off and to celebrate, she's giving away one of her beautiful prints!

It's just so lovely, you must go leave a comment so it can be yours:)


LittleStory 9/9/08, 11:10 PM  

The Hugs and Kisses turned out great! I'm sure I'll have lots of use for it.

Thanks for all the blogy love too!

Cicada Studio 9/11/08, 2:38 AM  

Great idea. We have about 3 ugly old icepacks... this would certainly be an improvement on the aesthetic level!

blue moss 10/7/08, 1:43 PM  

found you on etsy and loved your things---especially the hugs and kisses bag!

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