An Ode to A

This is a big THANK-YOU post to my friend A. Here's how we work together: I sit in her office drinking lots of coffee, saying yes, uh-huh, perfect, love it, while she does magical things on the computer to make me look good.

And now, she has opened up her own little piece of etsy so that she can help lots of other people look good too. I still get to drink all the coffee though.

Today, I made one of my no-ties aprons with my hydrangea print, and lined it with a coordinating blue fabric for a special order. It really turned out beautifully, and I was able to use one of my new tags!
Did you do anything fun today?


Anonymous,  8/20/08, 11:50 PM  

I looooooove the new tags! the print of the hand is so cute.

mizu designs 8/21/08, 2:30 PM  

Lovely print Sam! Thanks for stopping by my blog so that I could discover the wonderful world of inklore :)

Little Story Designs 8/21/08, 3:10 PM  

It's the least I can do for my friend that gives me an excuse to be creative. You can't keep that stuff bottled up!

diana 8/22/08, 5:49 AM  

Loving the new tags. My fav is the octopus. Lovely...

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