Life is Sweet

Summer vacation officially began today, and life is

This week I'm trying (going) to finish some projects, including the sweet pea above which will be for inky when I open my etsy shop later this month. Oh, all the little details are so much fun!


hrsj 6/2/08, 8:23 PM  

what a glorious day, the first day of summer break!
i hope yours is wonderful!

[spaghetti is an all time fave, isn't it?]

Paul Sears Photography 6/3/08, 8:29 AM  

very cool! I enjoy reading other folks' blogs and seeing what kind of inspiration I can get from people's arts. Have you heard much about Etsy? I was thinking about using them for my photography, but anxious to learn more.

design for mankind. 6/3/08, 9:01 AM  

I love it! And I just can't WAIT for your shop! :)

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