How I Spend My Time

Lately I've been spending time watching my kids play on our new swing. They can spend hours flying out there, and to be honest, my husband and I take our turns too. Watching them reminded me of all the hours I spent on the swing as a kid, hoping that eventually I'd be able to fly when I jumped off. And so, here's a new print...

What one word comes to your mind when you watch children swing, or even dare to swing yourself? My word is FLY!


Anonymous,  5/29/08, 8:38 PM  

NICE Blog :)

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Jesse 5/30/08, 4:33 AM  

I like this print - it's so sweet and simple!

Sam 5/30/08, 7:12 PM  

Thank you; sweet and simple was exactly what I had in mind.

Lisa 6/1/08, 9:50 PM  

great print.

i love swinging giggles.
i personally cant swing anymore - it makes me feel sick. bummer huh.

diana 6/2/08, 4:30 PM  

We seem to be on the same wavelength, swinging and printing. Like Lisa though I feel a tad nauseous swinging nowadays. Lucky you winning the giveaway. What plans have you got for that lovely material?

Sam 6/2/08, 7:52 PM  

Oh, I hope I can avoid the swinging nausea. I may use that beautiful material to make a pillow, or to line a bag:)

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