Birch Re-Use

After moving into our home, there were, sadly, a couple of trees that needed to be taken out. We gave most of the wood to a friend, but I was unable to part with this pile of branches.
I haven't known what to do with these until a few days ago when I went through the pile and found a birch branch. I asked my husband to cut it for me and came up with some interesting blocks to use for printing.

I love this texture.


Kristin Loganbill 5/23/08, 8:54 AM  

that is just beautiful!

Sam 5/23/08, 1:06 PM  

Thank you both!

diana 5/26/08, 10:07 PM  

Like it alot. Looks like a linocut. Could print this and make a beautiful pillow case for the lounge.

Sam 5/28/08, 7:57 AM  

Thanks Diana. I'm going to see how it looks on fabric this week.

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